School Highlights

Fruit Street School Highlights



Academic Excellence & Quality Instructional Program

  • MATH
  • All grade levels met the end of year benchmark of scoring 80% or higher on the end of year math tests.
  • Grades 1-3  91% average with 201 out of 222 students scored 80% or higher.
  • Grades 1-3  82% average with 60 out of 73 SES students scored 80% or higher.
  • Grade 3 Fact  45 out of 83 students (54%) scored a 4.
      • 33% of students in grades 1-3 are reading at the advanced level. The students ended the school year reading at the mid-year mark for the 2015-2016 school year.
      • 80% of students in grades 1-3 met the end of year benchmark.
      • 77% (56 / 73) of SES students in grades 1-3 met the end of year benchmark.
      • Kindergarten – Level C à 89% of students reading at or above the benchmark.

  • First Grade – Level K — 74% of students met the reading benchmark.
  • Advanced– Level L or higher 45% or 36 out of 80 students.
    • Second Grade—Level M  85% of students met the reading benchmark.
    • Advanced — Level O or higher  57% or 42 out of 74 students.
    • Third Grade – Level P  81% of the students met the reading benchmark.
    • Advanced — Level T or higher  38% or 32 out of 84 students.
  • In grades K-2, there was an increase in the average score and an increase in all 6 writing categories on the end of year writing prompt.  Grade 1 students who did not meet the reading benchmark grew by an average of 5.4 levels from the beginning to the end of the school year.
    • Students filled the Academic Achievement Wall quarterly with their academic accomplishments. The students work included fact fluency, constructed response and independent writing, reading, and science.

Professional Excellence

  • 10 teachers participated in the Lucy Calkins Writing Class sponsored by the Bangor School Department.
  • 100% of the teachers used the Fruit Street Schoolbook room.
  • The literacy coach worked with teachers in the areas of reading comprehension, math and reading workshops, writing workshop, developing a gist for constructed response.
  • Teachers have enrolled in the Lucy Calkins Class and a math course for the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Learning Targets are posted in all classrooms.
  • Teachers attended workshops that focused on the math workshop model.
  • 100% of the teachers are Highly Qualified.

Environment for Success

  • The Average Daily Attendance was 95.7% at the Fruit Street School.
  • Fruit Street School is offered 3 community school sessions.
    • 1st Session — 74 students
    • 2nd Session — 93 students
    • 3rd Session — 120 students
    • Total — 287 participants in community school
  • Students participated in whole school events such as: Annual Art Show, 3rd Grade Concert and Chorus, and the 2nd Grade Play.
  • The students from the Fruit Street School were fortunate to attend a Bangor Varsity Football and Baseball game, as well as, a visit from the Varsity Girls Soccer team.
  • Mrs. Quinn, school librarian, with support from the PTO brought in two visiting authors, Ryan Higgins and Ellen Potter.
  • The Fruit Street School PTO has a very successful year with many school wide activates such as: winter carnival, fall and spring book fair, ice cream social, spaghetti supper, and a before school barbeque.
  • Student athletes from the University of Maine participated in the Community Reading Day.
  • The 2nd grade visited the Penobscot Job Corp, as part of the academic field trip to link both literacy and math curriculum.

Highlights 2013-14

Highlights 2012-13

Academic Excellence

2011-12 NECAP Report Card

Reading – 85% of students were Proficient or Proficient with Distinction (state average 70%)

Reading – 32% of students were Proficient with Distinction

Math – 70% of students were Proficient or Proficient with Distinction (state average 65%)

Math – 25% of students were Proficient with Distinction

Attendance – 96% Attendance Rate (state target 93%)

2011-12 TERRA NOVA Report Card

Reading Composite– 2nd Grade MNP 77.2

Reading Composite – 3rd Grade MNP 73.7

Math Composite – 2nd Grade MNP 74.0

Math – Composite 3rd Grade MNP 65.0

MNP average range is 25.0-75.0 with 50 denoted as Average and 75 and up Above Average

Environment for Success

Community Schools Co-curricular Programs


Grade Level


Aviation Club 3rd 20
Picture Writing 1 1st 29
Picture Writing 2 2nd 34
Picture Writing 3 3rd 45
Math Adventures 1 1st 17
Reading Buddies 2 2nd 7
Homework Club 2nd & 3rd 22
Math Adventures 3 3rd 8
Book Buddies 3 3rd 8
Math Boost 2 2nd 4
Math Boost 3 3rd 4
Poetry Fun 2nd 8
Team Test 2 2nd 5
Science Fun 3 3rd 4
Group Games 1 1st 29
Group Games 2 2nd 32
Group Games 3 3rd 30
Total Student Participation 306

Professional Excellence

All Fruit Street School teachers meet the State of Maine’s challenging standards to be considered Highly Qualified.

Fruit Street shares a Literacy Coach with the other schools, for teacher support in best instructional practices and monthly professional development opportunities.

Fruit Street teachers participate in ongoing professional development opportunities provided by the district and through course work.


Quality Instructional Programming

All K-3 classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards.  Teachers incorporate these computerized white boards into regular lessons.

Title 1 services provide academic support with programs such as Kindergarten Literacy and Reading Recovery at grade 1 plus small group support in math and reading at grades 2 and 3.

During the month of March, all schools participate in March Math Madness.  Each school focuses on students becoming more fluent with math facts, using higher order thinking skills to solve problems, and having fun with math.

A kindergarten student at Fruit Street School had her work selected to be on display in the winter 2012 Maine Youth Excellence of Art Exhibition in Augusta. Selected works hung in various locations including the Capitol Building, the Blaine House, and the office of the Maine Arts Commission for approximately four months. Selected artists, their families and teachers were invited to an opening reception at the Blaine House in March hosted by the First Lady Anne LePage where they received a certificate and medallion in recognition of their artistic excellence.

Four students from Fruit Street School had their work chosen to be on display in the Maine Department of Education offices in Augusta. The Exhibit featured Bangor Schools Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight and was on display for the months of April, May and June.

Fruit Street School students swept most of the State awards for their drawings of waterfowl in the annual Junior Duck Stamp Drawing Competition sponsored by the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. Of the nine place awards in the kindergarten through grade three category Fruit Street students were the recipients of five.  Two first place ribbons, one second place award, and two of the three third place awards.

STEM project:

As an extension to an engineering unit, three kindergarten students engineered their own song. They chose the topic, created the text, designed the CD cover, help compose the music, rehearsed and practiced their song and finally performed it for the school, the school board, and they performed at the Blaine House in June of 2012

Third Grade Musical:

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay

The Fruit St. third grade singers presented a concert about the history of rock and roll. They not only learned a variety of music, but they also memorized dialogue, made props and came up with costuming ideas. They performed for the school and again for friends and family on an evening in Feb., 2012.

Community Reading Day is an annual district wide event that promotes the love for reading.


The Fruit Street PTO is an integral part of the Fruit Street School community.  The PTO raises funds to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for our students and has also purchased technology and playground equipment.

Fruit Street trains over 70 parent volunteers each year.  These volunteers support the PTO projects as well assist with a variety of school projects.

School-wide Events

The PTO sponsors a Scholastic Book Fair, Spaghetti Supper, Ice Cream Social, Art Show, Winter Carnival, and Field Day.

All third grade students are invited to participate each year in the annual All City Chorus event at the Civic Center.

 Special Events

Bangor Day:  On this day, students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite Bangor clothing.  Schools will be collecting food for a local food pantry and monetary donations for heating oil assistance.

Gear Day:  On this day, students and staff wear gear that represents their favorite college, military branch or occupation.  This provides staff with the opportunity to talk to students about the many post-graduation opportunities.