Student Life

Visual and Performing Arts

At  the Fruit Street School the goal of the Pre-K through Grade 3 music curriculum is to offer a program of sequential musical learning that is designed to enhance an appreciation for the joy of music. Students receive thirty minute instruction once a week based on the Visual and Performing Arts curriculum standards for Maine public schools.  Our music curriculum is augmented across the elementary curriculum as music learning generates the understanding of cultures, traditions, history, literacy, mathematics and science.  Our learning environment provides every child opportunities to perform, create, read, write and listen to music through a diversity of experiences. Through out the academic year students are provided opportunities to share their music learning with their peers, family and friends.At the third grade level, Choral activities culminate in a mid- year whole school performance and a year ending city-wide performance.

Enrichment opportunities

 School Extra and Co-Curricular Offerings

  • Science Club

  • Math Club

  • Library Clubs

  • Computer Club

  • Physical Education Club

  • Homework Club

  • Art Club

  • Writing Club

  • Math Night  (PEAK)

  • Literacy Night (PEAK)

  • Math Madness (March)

  • PTO Functions: Winter Carnival, Book Fairs, Ice Cream Social, Spaghetti Supper